Description of the CN 80 convertible sofa


Two Quick Change modules. Two cushions 80 x 95 or bed area 80 x 190. Two anti-roll protection devices with thickness of 3 cm. Two seats with removable covers with depth adjustable from 50 to 60 cm with safety auto-immobilisation device on forward framework. Double seats faced with dual-density HR 36 and HR 18 foam with a thickness of 14 cm. Retractable backs with removable covers made of dual-density HR 30 and HR 26 foam of thickness 12 cm.
Storage boxes beneath seats with 55 x 75 cm opening.


Sofa Position

Aircraft back inclination adjustable from 90° to 107°
Depth of seat with back positioned at 107°
Thickness of back
Space between the back positioned from 90° to 107°
Depth of seat with back positioned at 90°
Thickness of rear framework
Overall width in sofa position
   50 cm
+ 12 cm
+ 18 cm
= 80 cm
+ 03 cm
= 83 cm

The back, with a height of 50 cm, is inclined at 107° for a good back position and to form the best angle with the inclination of the seat.
The seat cushion is inclined at its forward part by the 3 cm thick anti-roll protection for proper thigh support.
The seat is adjustable from 50 to 60 cm for the comfort of individuals of different heights.


Bed Position

Thickness of the anti-roll protection
Thickness of the back positioned at 90°
Overall width in bed and relaxation position
+ 03 cm
+ 12 cm
= 98 cm

The back is positioned at 90° against the rear framework of the sofa.
The convertible is in the bed position, the anti-roll protection in the vertical position to support the bed area and to ensure the safety of the sleeper.


The seat when in the bed position only overhangs the sofa position by 15 cm and still remains secured to the forward part of the sofa framework.


The double bed has a bed area appropriate for the cabin and can be separated from the back by up to 20 cm to give more sleeping space or to make it easier to set up the bed.


Double beds or separate beds

The 160 cm double bed allows a 20 cm space on either side.
The two separate beds leave a central passage of 40 cm.
The two sofas face to face leave a central passage of 70 cm.


Stretcher position

Depth of seat in stretcher position. 65cm
Overall width of the sofa in stretcher position. 83 cm


Storage box position

Access is gained to the secure storage boxes by lifting the 55 x 75 cm part of the seat located between the metal framework.