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This prototype modular multi-purpose convertible sofa, patent number EP 1952725, has been manufactured for civil, military or medical use. It is designed to meet all requirements in terms of comfort, safety, dimensions and ease of handling and operation.

The special design of this Quick Change convertible sofa, whose back folds onto the seat, means that it fits perfectly into the narrowest cabins or those with even the most difficult access.

The seats and back are independent with different cushion flexibilities and thickness. In the daytime the firmer seat is made of leather, and at night the softer, fabric-covered, reverse side is used as a bed.

When installed lengthwise the back of the sofa for business class aircraft fits the curve of the cabin with no loss of space.

The adjustable backs can be inclined from 90° to 107° and may be curved to shape. They can be fitted with head-rests and a central armrest to form two wide and comfortable armchairs.

Available in four widths and two lengths, this multi-purpose convertible sofa can be equipped with a relaxation bed.

For medical transportation a stretcher can be easily fitted onto the seat once the cushions are removed.

When placed transversely, the three-seat version for airliners can be placed in a seated or sleeping position for long journeys.

In the seated position the lower part of the back framework is at 90° and the upper part at 107° so as not to restrict the passenger to the rear.

In the sleeping position with the back at 90° the passenger can sleep parallel to the back on the series of three-seats.